Early this afternoon, the LCD screen on my cell phone died. I am proud to report that this caused absolutely no disruption, inconvenience, or expense whatsoever. How, you ask? Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, and thanks to my FrankenPhone.

Over the next few hours, I received a text message picked up a phone call to my Google Voice number from my laptop. Near the end of my business day, I called my cell phone’s AT&T voice-mail box and checked for messages (hooray, no voice-mails).

Many years ago, my whole family each got brand new cutting-edge Motorola Razr V3 cell phones. Since then, my parents and my brother have all switched to iPhones or what-have-you… and as they switched, I collected all their Razrs and accessories. By now, I’ve interchanged covers, batteries, et cetera, so many times that I’m not actually sure which set I started with. FrankenPhone.

When I got home today with a dead LCD screen, I replaced the entire phone. Or, if you prefer, I moved the SIM card to a different combination of phone parts.

Back up and running.  I still have about 1 phone worth of spare parts remaining.



  1. Aman

    Update: The Razr’s address book is composed of two storage areas: the SIM card, and the phone’s internal memory. Since there are more options available for the latter, I kept the people I call most in the phone memory. Those are the people who I no longer have in my address book. Bah.

  2. Aman

    Update: A bike ride in the rain killed the latest incarnation of FrankenPhone. Now I have a different set of hardware again, but it’s working great. This time around, I had not stored any contacts in the phone memory. That and my increased use of Google Voice in the last few months meant that I was back to normal as soon as I slid the SIM card in. Huzzah!

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