Baby steps: “Today I read”

Blogging is hard, and yields no reward.  I think I can get over this initial hump — why I’d like to do so is a whole separate issue — by writing frequently about something that can be clearly identified: what I read.

I read a lot, voraciously, often to the point where I don’t want admit how much time I spend (waste?) on reading. Most of it is crap. I have over 80 feed subscriptions, and I browse websites and news, and fiction books and magazines. But those will not be the subject of this blog — for that there is Google Reader and social networks sharing. [See my sidebar Reader widget].

I will write a little about the real stuff that I read. Readings related to a specific interest, goal, or pafnuty. I hope some of you will share my interests and offer comments or even be encouraged to start a discussion on these topics that inspire me.

Today I read (more) about Pinax. Pinax is a collection of reusable applications written on top of Django. (Django is an open source web framework written in Python, and Python is a high level computer language which has been the subject of my interest and exploration in recent months). I’m interested in Pinax because it allows one to quickly realize relatively complex web projects by reducing the amount of time one needs to spend on all those necessary but universal components and instead focus on the domain-specific needs.

I listened to a couple of presentations by the founder of the project, James Tauber, and he echoed many of my own thoughts on reusable code and the opportunity they provide to accelerate the development of projects.

I’ve actually been reading about Pinax for a while, and I put up a little development test-site last night. Today I was trying to understand if Pinax would be viable tool to use for a specific project I’m working on.

Foreshadowing: Anya managed to use her NYU academic resources to find some articles I was looking for on generative grammar!


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