Reading Log: Tasting Beer

One of my interesting new reads is “Tasting Beer: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Greatest Drink” by Randy Mosher. [Amazon].

The chapters so far cover a brief history, the use of senses, qualities of beer, and the brewing process. Learning about beer is more than good party conversation. Already I’m finding that picking out a brew at Bevmo has become more interesting and thoughtful. Beer labels and descriptions make more sense.

I find it rewarding to learn about beer, in the same way I like to read about the science of cooking. And now I’m finally starting to get some of those elusive facts straight. For example, Ales (starting with ‘A’, top of the alphabet) use top-fermenting yeasts and ferment at higher temperatures than Lagers, and those higher temperatures encourage faster chemical changes, yield higher alcohols and result in generally more complex flavors.

Remaining chapters will cover some specific important styles, important regions, and food pairings.


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