Accidental Paste

Forget the hot dogs vs. bun pack sizes problem, there’s a worse grocery-store inefficiency: herbs come in bunches. It may not be as easy to find a corporation to blame for this one, but it’s still a problem. There’s enough cilantro leaves in a normal sized bunch to garnish all the bhaji in Gujurat.

So, since I live alone and don’t have a garden, I survive without fresh herbs in my cooking until some arbitrary breaking point, followed by a couple weeks of herb overload culminating in chutneys and pestos.

Today, still early in this vicious culinary cycle, I chopped a gratuitous amount of herbs for my garlic bread. But my ratios were so far off that I ended up with an impromptu cilantro-and-parsley-paste instead. But it was far tastier (and much less messy) than my last kitchen blunder! I spread this aromatic wonder on toasted French bread, and ate with pork chops. Delicious! None of the (three) juicy pork chops or (four) slices of green-topped bread survived long enough for the camera, but bonus! — this meal looks almost as good as it tastes.

You must try it. Put some minced garlic and salt in the herb paste.

Update March 8th — I had some more pork chops to use and ended up making a meal similar to yesterdays. Less oil, garlic, and salt in the herb pesto, and some veggies on the side. And I remembered to take pictures this time.


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