Chromebook: 3G for Free

Chromebooks are shipping out with built-in 3G modems (sometimes as an option) and a free starter plan from Verizon.

100MB per month for 24 months

This free plan provides 100MB of data transfer per month. It’s free for 2 years. If the free plan isn’t enough, the bottom rung of the paid-plan-ladder at Verizon is 1GB per month for $20.

Some people have been seeing this free plan as a gateway drug leading to huge charges and hidden fees from Verizon when you go over your 100MB limit. For example, see this article. I understand the concern, but I also disagree with automatically treating a good thing as an Evil Plan to Take All Your Money. Surely we can find a way to be vigilant and disciplined OR a way to impose discipline automatically (“only Wikipedia and Google Reader, without images, and shut down the modem after 90MB”)?

The Chromebook has a few nice features for monitoring usage; it even breaks things down by which specific sites you’re spending time and data on. I’ll show y’all when I actually have some data on there.

Of course the problem is that this clunky laptop is not the device that I plan to carry around and use for mobile stuff. (That would be my Adam). So I have a free plan available for a laptop that’ll always be at my apartment.

This is my third post on Chromebook.

  1. Day 1 / In the box
  2. Disassembly / Under the Hood / Hardware


  1. Mario Ochoa

    I was wondering after several Chomebook system updates, Isn’t a place where you can check in Chomebook your data usage? and tell it to not use 3G service when reaching the limit?

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