Acer NIC mystery and a short panic

Acer NIC

This morning as I was chatting with @skepticalcowboy my internet failed. After some struggle (in vain) trying to get my wireless network adapter back up and running and encountering some very strange behavior, I went through the litany of steps everybody who depends on their computer goes through when they fear the worst:

  • When did I last backup?
  • What is and isn’t backed up?
  • Dropbox, Github, Google Music, Mozy, external hard drives, USB flash drives, and even that tiny USB key you keep under your pillow. Check everything.
  • Okay? Okay. Breaaaathe.
  • Now what’s the problem, again?

Right, no internet. [Oh, and shit, I didn’t move the car! — I ran and literally moved the car as the ticket vehicle was parked next to it.]

I scrambled to find a ethernet cable (remember those?) and got online minutes before my conversation with @nextbigsound.

Which was great!

Afterwards I tried the usual things, and a few Google searches (waters heavily populated with red herrings due to ubiquitous problems that Acer computer seem to have with wireless cards). Finally I contacted the friendly @AcerService.

Which was useless. Friendly. But useless.

I was about to start shopping for a new NIC, but at this point I got my head back. I popped out the NIC, blew on it, and snapped it back in.

Which fixed everything. Of course. A great reminder of my youthful days of electrical engineering and the hardware equivalent of “just … restart.”

Acer laptop wireless card


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