Haikus from the EuroCup

Something very strange happened during the EuroCup 2012. Something poetic.

EuroCup 2012As giants in the world of European football faced off against each other in one of the — in my opinion — most dramatic tournaments in recent sports history, for some reason, the community banter on ESPN‘s online stats and live chat widget (ESPN GameCast), began producing a steady stream of haikus.

Why did this happen? What does it mean? Can something interesting be said here about the population of fans that watch soccer on ESPN Gamecast? Perhaps if I watched GameCast more frequently, I might know how unusual (or usual) this sort of thing really is… but I don’t. Do fans of other sports emit random bouts of poetry?

I’ll leave all these questions to you, but I will say that it brightened my day in a most unexpected way.

ESPN GameCast

Halftime Haikus on ESPN Community Commentary
During SWE-FRA and ENG-UKR, EuroCup 2012
ESPN official commentators were Leander

England are underdogs
not the Czechs or the Greeks
If they go through

– “Nate”

These half time haikus
are far more entertaining
than Rooney’s coiffure

– “Ben”

Why are Haikus so
wonderful to dicker with
only leander knows.

– “Travis”

These games suck
I’m Dutch
Sadness all over me

– “Guest”

Seriously Roy
Where is Theo or The Ox
Please Entertain Me

– “Baker”

England – negative in approach
If it costs them, Leander’s
Oranje won’t look so bad

– “CB”

France can play for tie
England can’t afford the same
Good luck in half two

– “John”

Please bring Walcott on
Milner cannot do the job
Why, oh why, Mr. Roy?

– “Andriy”

Snore snore snore snore snore
snore snore snore snore snore snore snore
snore snore snore snore

– “Austin”

These are both snoozers
Two-thirty feeling striking
About to doze off

– “Kimberly”

Andriy Shevchenko
Ukranian talisman
second half marker?

– “Bogey”

Wayne Rooney returns
England lackadaisical
Release the Carroll

– “Rugger”

It’s Leander
Schaerlaeckens is hard to say
it’s harder to spell

– “Aaron”

Euro match live chat
holds the entire fan base
of Community

– “Christian”

These games better not
Put me to sleep while at work
Or i’ll be fired

– “Alex”

draw for victory
strategy for group leaders
England, France are pants

– “d”

Rooneys small fortune
Got him a full head of hair
Didn’t help him score

– “John”

Garmash’s secret
He is many, you are one
He’s really Statsie

– “Jeremy”

No nil-nil games please
We’ve gone so long without one
Somebody please score

– “Jan”

England is boring
the real embarrassment though
is rooney’s fake hair

– “erik”

Rooney is rusty
England tries to avoid Spain
Not gonna happen

– “John”

Nil-nil at halftime
not one but both games dullish
draws to the quarters

– “Christian”

Third round of group D
No drama in picking teams
To lose to Group C

– “CB”

Scoreless games bore me
but Leander Schaerlaeckens
keeps us all amused

– “Ben”


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