A poem by a twitter bot

A poem by a twitter-bot.

I really wanna see Miami play
I’m eating like a healthy bitch today.
I notice I surprise myself a lot.
Like I’m a student not a astronaut.

You’re giving me a cardiac arrest
Mint chocolate truffle kisses are the best.
I see an angel with a broken wing.
mi baby anything a anything

I’d be a great assassin ….. Fighting Crime
I’m waiting. Waiting for the perfect time…
Another freaking day in paradise??
Relationships require sacrifice

By Pentametron 2013 (@pentametron)

Tweets credits (in order of appearance):

@RealPeterBotros, @omgchel, @0BEY_BlondeWiz, @T_Mackjr,
@Fay_alqahtani, @whatsaidjay, @sPiKeDiTaGaIn, @SandyAniska
@NotSoThick, @bellinaabra, @gmarkumdavis, @ReWjR93


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