China: Norway, too? Really?

I recently shared about how China was poking at India by publishing a controversial map on their passports. Well, China is irking another country I happen to feel close to … Norway.

Link to article by Daniel Drezner:

China has left Norway off a list of countries that can visit Beijing without a visa. The list includes all the EU countries, the US, Russia, Japan, major Latin-American countries, and others.Why? Apparently Norway or its citizens are “low-quality” and “badly behaved.”*snicker*The pot calling the kettle black, if you ask me… or if you ask the experts, like Drezner. In his article, he wonders how exactly one should measure quality and good behavior:

  • 2012 Corruptions Perception Index: Norway — Rank 7. China — Rank 80. 
  • 2012 Rule of Law Index: Norway — Rank 1. China — Rank 94 (out of 97).
  • 2012 Prosperity Index: Norway — Rank 1. China — Rank 55.
  • 2012 Commitment to Development Index: Norway — Rank 2. China — unranked
  • etc

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