Acquisition of Drink Me magazine

Some of you may know that for some years now I’ve been working with Drink Me magazine. Recently, Drink Me was acquired, marking the end of a wonderful digression in my life.

I met Daniel Yaffe, the co-founder of Drink Me magazine, in 2008, on the advisory board of Momentus International. Before long I was working with Daniel and his co-founder Eriq Wities on developing a website Open Content‘s new project. The work was low stress, the people were fun to work with, and we all became good friends.

I’ve seen and heard Drink Me magazine described in many ways. To me, the magazine is an amazing and wonderfully successful effort to encourage that part of you that wonders how to make that drink you’re holding, that part of you that is more interested in gaining knowledge than in losing brain cells when imbibing a beverage. For the curious, inquisitive, and discriminate, for those that want to expand their horizons or deepen their appreciation, Drink Me is the perfect magazine.

Working with the Drink Me team has been a great learning experience for me, both technically and otherwise. The many perks included the frequent Drink Me Issue Release parties and sponsored events, festivals and tappings and little-known parties. I learned about beer and brewing, about more types of alcohol than I ever thought existed, and endless alcohol-related trivia. I’ve read every issue of the magazine, usually cover-to-cover, and even wrote a guest post for the blog once. I met many very interesting people, brewers and bartenders and cicerones and various types of alcohol aficionados.  The Drink Me crew and board members are a very talented group of designers and writers and entrepreneurs and organizers, and I had an opportunity to meet and even work with many of them.

My friendship with Daniel and Eriq has been the most important thing to come out of the project, and that’s not going anywhere. I’m keeping tabs on both of them, especially Daniel’s exciting new project, which I’m not sure I’m supposed to talk about here, so I won’t. But you’re going to love it.

So, here’s a toast to Drink Me and everyone that’s been involved with the project so far… and a toast as well to the new owners Cornelius and his team at Firewater Partners!

I sincerely hope the spirit of Drink Me lives on and grows in its new home. I look forward to reading every future issue, cover-to-cover.

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