Reading Log: “Overlapping Experiment Infrastructure at Google”, D. Tang

“Overlapping Experiment Infrastructure at Google” D. Tang
Published KDD Proceedings 2010

This paper describes the thought process and concepts behind the extensive testing philosophy and infrastructure at Google.

Reading log: This is a very useful paper I read a while ago and dug up again for a client in June. The concepts I learned here seem to emerge intermittently when meeting with clients.

I think this should be required reading for anyone getting started with overlapping testing infrastructures (those that manage multiple tests at the same time). Lean Analytics!

Key take-aways include:

  • the concept of domains, subsets and layers to partition parameters and design infrastructure
  • binary push vs data push; separating testing parameters from program code.
  • Canary experiments and defining expected range of monitored metrics

My concerns (i.e. interests or applications in mind) with re-reading this paper for my client were:

  • Applying overlapping infrastructure to A/B testing vs. Multi-Arm Bandit testing,
  • The particulars of having a shared control group
  • Using such an infrastructure to test and select machine learning algorithm hyperparameters

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