Reading Log: “Five Ball-Tree Construction Algorithms”, Omohundro

“Five Balltree Construction Algorithms.” (1989).
Stephen M. Omohundro

I browsed this paper after reading several blog posts and articles about balltree-related algorithms, including:

  1. “Damn Cool Algorithms, Part 1: BK-Trees.” Nick Johnson.
  2. “VP trees: A data structure for finding stuff fast.” Stephen Hanov.

These and Omohundro’s paper are worthwhile reading. Even if one is not directly able to apply these data structures, they still have benefit in the read. When I was reading them, I was reminded that:

  • A concept that is intuitively straightforward can often be impractical or impossible to implement for a particular application.
  • Data structures can be designed and built specifically to optimize an operation (that is required by your algorithm)
  • That curse of dimensionality, god damnit.
  • There are many really cool and clever algorithms that you’ll never be able to apply in your domain.

Balltree and related structures are hierarchical, tree-like representation. They place data points in the tree and provide instructions for traversal of the tree in such a way as to optimize some expected future operation. The clearest application is nearest neighbor search. They also give you an excuse to sensibly use terms like “hyper-spheres” and “leaf balls”.

Construction times for these structures don’t tend to scale well. Think O (N^3). A lot of effort is put into improving and optimizing construction, but direct application of these structures to large data sets is not tractable.

Relatedly: kd balls, Burkhard-Keller (BK) trees, and VP-trees. And others.



  1. Hoang-Huong, Luong

    Thank for your post. Do you know any blog or article that describe about detail of five ball tree construction?

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